Other platforms get the cold shoulder.

Capcom has announced that the first beta for the upcoming Iceborne DLC for Monster Hunter World will begin on Friday, June 21 and run until Monday, June 24. The beat will arrive exclusively on the PS4 for PS Plus players.

Similar to the first Monster Hunter World beta, Iceborne’s first-look will give players a choice of three quests. A quest letting you hunt down the Great Jagras is supposedly a quest designed to ease in new players, while the hunt for the brand new Banbaro or the returning Tigrex offer more challenging outings for seasoned hunters.

You won’t need to own the Monster Hunter World base game to join in with the beat but you will need a PS Plus account. The beat will be available from Friday, June 21 to Monday, June 24. The full release for Monster Hunter World Iceborne is September 6.