Life of a cowboy.

Red Dead Online’s Rank 10 and Rank 20 Bonus Care Packages are available for one last week, delivering a variety of frontier necessities such as Fire Arrows, Jolly Jack’s, Predator Bait and more to players achieving Rank 10 and Rank 20 by June 24th.

Further Bonuses are available in the Elimination Series, featuring a 30% XP and Red Dead Online currency Bonus in ‘Make It Count’ with the Bow and Arrow or Throwing Knives in a variety of locales, as well as in Gun Rush for larger groups.

In addition, more items have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson and co. catalogue including; Lightfoot Pants, Austin Boots, Charro Jacket, Vaquero Baroque Spurs, Clymene Coat and a brand new emote Hissy Fit. All of these can be purchased in-game with your hard earned money from hunting and killing!