Sarah always used to write the straplines (sniffle).

It’s a sad day at GGS Gamer because today we say goodbye to our guides guru, Sarah (she would never usually let me call her a guides guru but she’s gone now, no-one can stop me!)

Sarah has been an essential part of the site since returning to GGS Gamer in 2017. She’s covered everything we threw at her and she still found time to come up with hilarious straplines, got us to write guides as well as helping out with video stuff. We were lucky enough to get Sarah to cover the likes of Bad North and… Farming Simulator 19, which she loved for some reason. She’s taken us through the weekly news roundups in recent months, kept us up-to-date with the latest charts news along with what everyone at GGS has been playing, and she even managed to play a bit of Fortnite and EarthFall with me way back when. Simply put, Sarah wrote a lot of good words for us.

Sarah has since gone on to become an absolute hit in the freelancing wilds, having words published at Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku, PC Gamer, and loads of other places (seriously, she’s everywhere). It’s this influx of extra work behind Sarah leaving and while it’s absolutely gutting to see her leave, we know she’s going on to a very bright future.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to write alongside you Sarah, and all of us at GGS wish you the very best of luck with everything going forward! Also, don’t forget to play Rocket League.