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Hello and welcome back to another of our Indie News Roundups. It’s our weekly segment that delivers a handful of stories that tried to sneak by unnoticed in the last week. So, get a drink, get a seat, and ge caught up.

Dinkum takes you to the Great Outback in 2020

Australia, despite all its horribly deadly insects and animals, seems like a pretty nice place to go. Miles and miles of nothingness strikes something of a chord with the part of me that hates people. But Australia is also pretty far away and apparently it costs a few quid to get there. That’s where life sim Dinkum comes in, offering the chance to explore Australia’s great outdoors when it arrives in 2020.

Dinkum pops you down in the vast, colourful wasteland that Australia boats where you’ll grow a community, look after animals, and generally exploring. Along with all that good time fun, Dinkum will have a few economical features at work so you’ll be hunting, foraging, and mining bits and pieces to attract new folks and businesses to your patch of land. Dinkum will offer co-op gameplay when it arrieves next year, meaning you and a mate can share an emu farm together, and what best friend duo doesn’t want that!?

Dinkums is being developed solely by James Bendon, who’s been developing he game for the past few years. The game is being published by the Irregular Corporation and will release in mid-2020 on PC.

Sci-fi thriller Elea is heading to PS4 this month

The mind-bending surreal adventure of Elea is heading to PS4 on July 25, following on from its Xbox One and PC release.

The PS4 version of Eles is going to be pretty much the best version of the game so far, incorporating all the tweaks developer Kyodai has introduced to the game since it launched last year, including new assets, revamped lighting, smoother interactions with the terrifying world of the game, and a few other tweaks and bug fixes which amount to a staggering 200 fixes.

We reviewed Elea’s first episode when it released on PC, and while the voice acting leaves a lot to be desired, the strange environments and wonderful design of Elea made it a pretty decent outing.

Elea will launch on the PS4 on July 25.

And finally… Grip’s bringing us a very fast (and violent) summer

Developer Caged Element has announced its latest plans for the modern-day rollcage insanity of Grip Combat Racing.

First up is a period of free-to-play days on Xbox One, starting today (July 4) and ending on July 7. Following the free play sessions, players will get three new Roller and Airblade vehicles with the Artifex model.

The summer continues with two new space tracks, a “skate style park” arena map for deathmatches, and a mysterious new vehicle which is inspired by an 80s-classic.

We reviewed Grip when it launched last year and it even made my top five games of 2018, we took a look at the Airblades DLC which arrived a couple of months ago and while it doesn’t offer too much in the way of change, Grip is still well worth your time – especially if you can play it for free over the next few days.