Jungle is massive.

IO Interactive has laid out the roadmap for Hitman 2 this month and it’s fair to say that there’s a fair bit going on in what’s being dubbed “Jungle Music.”

First up is the new Escalation Contract: The Babaveya Dissonance, which is live now. The new contract takes you back to the Isle of S’gail where you’ll be eliminating a bunch of noisy musicians who want to share their gift with a secret society – so they all kind of have it coming.

Following up from that is a new set of challenges for the Columbia map, called “I’m with the Band,” and it’ll snag you a new violin melee weapon when you complete it. The new challenge pack will go live on July 11.

The bad news is that it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting a new Elusive Target this month, instead we’re getting a rehash of the “Bad Boy” target for Hitman 2016’s Sapienza map. As always, you’ll only get one shot at the target when he goes live on July 19 and lasting until July 29.

July 25 brings yet another Escalation Contract with the Columbia-based Calvino Cacophony. We don’t have specifics on the contract yet but it seems like explosions will play a pretty big role. Thankfully, we do know that completing the contract will snag you a “super sexy Hot Summer suit.”

July is wrapped up with Featured Contracts coming to Hawke’s bay, Hitman 2’s sparse training area, which arrives alongside a new Sniper Challenge map: The Prison. A couple of hints were given during the brief reveal of the map and it seems like we’ll be trying to take out some kind of prison king troll. The Prison is based in a frozen wilderness that – I’m guessing here – is going to be Siberia. We’ll have to hang around until July 30 to find out though.