In case you’re desperado to give it a go.

Fancy playing as a cowboy a bit more but can’t be bothered with Red Dead Online? Hey, there’s no judgment here, friendo and we might even have a solution to your problem. Desperados 3, the latest in the Desperado series from Mimimi Games, is getting a closed beta this week and there’s still just enough time to sign up for it.

The closed beta will run from July 9 to July 21, giving you two whole weeks to try out the strategic western before its release for PC and PS4 later this year. And Desperados 3 really is a true-blood strategy game, pitting you and four other cowboy rogues against plenty of enemies in maps that’ll have you overthink every move and action you make. Add to that the choice to approach fights in a lethal or non-lethal capacity and it seems that Desperados 3 is something of a cowboy game for the thinking gamer, hooray!

Desperados 3 will release later this year on PC and PS4 but we don’t have a specific date yet.