It’s all-out war in Warsaw!

Coming this September 4, to Steam (PC), is tactical WWII RPG “Warsaw” from developer Pixelated Milk and publisher Gaming Company. Set during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, this RPG lets you take control of a small unit of the Polish resistance – fighting to overthrow Nazi occupation.

Warsaw advertises strategic battles in an urban city environment. As you traverse the city you will encounter enemy German soldiers, who you will have to fight or avoid, all whilst recruiting new resistance fighters and aiding the civilian populace.

Don’t treat encounters lightly though as one of the core features of this game is perma-death. That’s right, death is permanent; any of your team that perishes in a firefight is gone for good, with their loss having an impact upon loved ones and the resistance’s morale.

As per standard in an RPG, Warsaw lets you manage your team and resources, including character customisation and skills via the resistances headquarters. Once you have a team ready, it’s time to venture forth and liberate the city of Warsaw. Combat is turn-based, giving you time to execute your chosen attack strategy.

Warsaw is presented in a hand-painted art style, with a great amount of detail and historical accuracy presented from months of research and consultation with historical experts to create period-accurate uniforms, weapons, and city layouts.

So if Warsaw has you interested, check it out on Steam, and perhaps add it to your wishlist. Warsaw is also looking to come to consoles at a later date, but at this time we do not have a timeframe for that.