Good things come to those who wait

Daniel Lanois’ soundtrack to last year’s incredible Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally available for purchase. You can listen to the soundtrack via Spotify or on Apple Music:

1. Unshaken – D’Angelo
2. Moonlight – Daniel Lanois, Daryl Johnson, Joseph Maize, Darryl Hatcher & Rhiannon Giddens
3. That’s the Way It Is – Daniel Lanois
4. Mountain Finale – Daniel Lanois
5. Crash of Worlds – Rocco DeLuca
6. Cruel World – Willie Nelson
7. Red – Daniel Lanois
8. Mountain Hymn – Rhiannon Giddens
9. Mountain Banjo – Rhiannon Giddens
10. Table Top – Daniel Lanois
11. Love Come Back – Daniel Lanois
12. Oh My Lovely – Daniel Lanois
13. Cruel World – Joshua Homme

There are also plans to release game’s score, The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Score, composed by Woody Jackson, later this Summer.