No harm has come to chocolate-coated coconut snacks in the making of this article!

Early Access title Hunt: Showdown from developers Crytek has announced that it’s finally getting a full retail release and physical copies of the game thanks to distribution partners Koch Media. PC and Xbox versions will launch August 27, 2019, for £39.99/$39.99, with PlayStation 4 seeing a slightly later release date yet to be confirmed.

Hunt: Showdown has been out on Steam and Xbox One’s early access programs since Feb 2018 and May 2018 respectively. But now it’s finally time to take off the stabilisers and announce the full-fat version to the gaming public.

For any of you that haven’t had a chance to play Hunt: Showdown, it’s a bounty driven multiplayer FPS game, where you take out bounty contracts on monsters either solo or in teams of two in the atmospheric swamps of the Louisiana Bayou. With up to 10 players in a match, Hunt: Showdown pits PvE versus PvP as other teams look to hunt you – whilst you are tracking your own prey. Death is permanent in Hunt: Showdown, so you had better have your wits about you.

Hunt: Showdown has received almost 20 updates and patches since its early access debut. Some of these updates include a new boss enemy, a new map, two new times of day, additional AI, a Quick Play mode, and more than a dozen new weapons. So now is as good a time as any to take a trip to the swamp – plus those that have already purchased Hunt: Showdown during early access will receive an exclusive Legendary Weapon Skin as a thank you.