New Anime styled JRPG almost ready for release.

From small indie developers, CooCooSqueaky comes the Tears of Avia – a turn-based JRPG set in the magical land of Estera. Releasing later this year on PC (Steam) and Xbox One, this tactical RPG has managed to complete its journey despite not making its Kickstarter goals.

Looking a little like Final Fantasy at first glance (See Trailer) and including a story that has two city-states feuding with each other. Tears of Avia advertises a game that shakes up the dull and linear skill systems of other genre titles and offers a more tactical take on traditional JRPG fare.

Tears of Avia features a branching story arc that is affected by your in-game decisions. Create a squad of compatriots fitted with hundreds of skills and abilities, and not only fight but converse with your team to build a bond that will enable them to take on the hardest foes in the game.

If any of this information piques your interest, then good news if you’re going to attend EGX this year (Oct 17-20) as Tears of Avia will be available to play at their stand.