It’s a novel idea in retrospect.

Developers Paper Salamander are bringing their musical action platformer “In Retrospect” to PC via Steam. Bookmarked to drop in summer 2020, In Retrospect has you jumping about exploring your past through different themed levels and music. In Retrospect is a game about life and the many joys and challenges along the way, synced to an expressive and varied soundtrack exploring the themes of memory and choice.

The lead designer of In Retrospect Andrew Nee described how the idea for the game came about:

“As I get older I have been thinking a lot about how quickly life flies by and how a lot of the major decisions we make related to education, work, love, you name it, no matter how much time we took to make them, feel like they happened in a flash when looking back on them in retrospect. I wanted to tell a story that pared-down this concept into a smaller, more twitch package, where split-second decisions can change everything. And I have always felt that the different phases of our life can be expressed through sound, so I knew that syncing the story, gameplay and music into a coherent whole had to be involved as well.”

In Retrospect is made up of two core modes – a story mode where you go through the stages picking up collectable items that help shape the story and gameplay as you progress, and a challenge-mode that encompasses 30+ individual stages built to be played for high scores, with full leaderboards attached to each of them. Check out the trailer for a glimpse of In Retrospect in action.