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Google Play is an app store for Android apps. It allows Android users to download and browse applications which have an Android software development kit (SDK). The store has a wide selection of online betting apps which punters can download. Google Play publishes new gaming apps each week. These are the five top latest android apps games.

Philips Hue Bluetooth

Philips recently added Bluetooth-enabled lights to its Hue line. The app allows you to create different moods by changing the lights. It has 30 light presets. However, you can create other presets. You can use Philips Hue Bluetooth to control 10 Bluetooth lights from a distance of 30 feet. Amazon Alexa enables you to use voice commands to control the lights. The app is free and it is ideal for different house designs.

ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion

The app combines platformer and sliding puzzle styles. It involves moving rooms around to help Anne get out of the vast mansion. Players discover new objects as they reach higher levels. ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion has four mansions with 144 levels in total. You are required to pay $4.99 to download it.

Dr. Mario World

Nintendo launched Dr. Mario World a few days ago. It features popular Nintendo characters. Dr. Mario has the right medication to treat the pesky viruses. You can consult other doctors including Dr. Bower and Dr. Peach whenever Dr. Mario is unreachable. It is tricky to control the virus. Therefore, it is wise to hire skilled doctors and assistants. The app game has over one million downloads so far.

Ceri Launcher

Ceri Launcher uses Ubuntu and Flutter engines to offer a nice interface. It allows you to save power by switching to the dark mode or darkening your wallpaper. Besides, the app isn’t ad-supported. Nevertheless, it doesn’t support icon pack and Live wallpapers as it is in Early Access. It has several in-app purchases.

Firefox Preview

Firefox Preview is in Early Access. It has a GeckoView browsed which is faster than older Android Firefox browsers. It protects your browser history from hackers. Besides, the app game syncs your bookmarks, saved logins, and history in all personal devices. You can email Firefox to inform them on how they can improve Firefox Preview. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases

Google Play Store has a wide array of app games for Android phones. Most android users struggle to find the right gaming app. Some games are free while others need a monthly or annual subscription. Most mobile apps run in portrait mode. They have in-built controllers thus offering an enjoyable gaming experience.