It’s indie game.

Did you get the strapline!? Like “It’s in the game, but… indie game… HAHA!”

Right then. It’s time for another of our Indie News Roundups. Let’s skip all the small talk and just crack on, eh? (angrily mumbling about the strapline).

Those Who Remain is a trippy looking horror game that’s “coming soon”

I know, I know. A “trippy horror game,” is a bit of a played-out term. But it’s also one that fits Those Who Remain perfectly. Being developed by Camel 101, the developer behind spooky space game Syndrome, Those Who Remain teases a game full of reality shifting nastiness.

The new trailer doesn’t give away much, but the game’s description promises an adventure full of “uncomfortable horrors reflected by the darkness,” which is – coincidentally – what I wanted for Christmas.

Those Who Remain pops you in the adulterous shoes of Edward. Ed’s seen downing a bottle of whiskey at his desk before leaving to end his secret affair. Cut to Eddie driving through the small town of Dormont at night, the streets only lit by the sickly glow of neon diner light. And then a flicker and everything is black.

The latest trailer points to a few other tidbits of the story; Edward is contemplating suicide following (we think) his wife or other family member killed themselves. Other moments show the in-game town of Dormont falling apart and pavements rip themselves from the ground and float around, while another moment shows my favourite thing ever: a doorway independent of any walls, leading to a glowing light.

Camel 101 released the new trailer alongside an announcement that the developer is teaming up with Wired Productions to publish Those Who Remain. The game doesn’t have a specific release date, but it’s being touted for a 2019 release on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch.

Pixel Game Maker is making its way out of Early Access

Pixel Game Maker MV, which is essentially the younger sibling of the RPG Maker tool, is heading out of Steam’s Early Access later this year.

The toolkit still has a fair bit to do before it’s ready for a full release. But it seems like the game’s community has been making the most of the build-a-game’s features since it arrived in Early Access early this year.

As you can probably tell from the title, Pixel Game Maker lets you build your very own pixel game. The latest trailer shows off a catalogue of different games created by player/developers using the toolkit, which supports side-scrollers, top-down adventures (though we only see a top-down space shooter in the trailer), and four-player local multiplayer games.

This promise of games creation where the “only limit is your imagination,” doesn’t come cheap. In its Early Access state, Pixel game Maker MV is going for £68 and that price is likely to rise when the game leaves Early Access in towards the end of the year.

And finally… Modus Games is bringing [Redacted} to Gamescom

Modus Games announced a host of games it plans to show off at Gamescom this year. Along with the likes of Trine 4, Ary and the Secret of Seasons, and Cris Tales, the publisher had two redacted titles on its showcard as well.

Being redacted and all, the details of either game are difficult to figure out. One description explains that players can, “Roll through [REDACTED] while you make and break all sorts of [REDACTED] each customized [REDACTED] endless fun!” cool.

Image source: Gematsu

The other gives us a few more details, saying that it’s the return of a “cult classic horror” where players will need to “utilize stealth and resourcefulness as they explore their home away from home,” suggesting it’s set in a hotel or some kind of holiday home. Unfortunately, I’m a coward who can’t stand horror games and so these clues are lost on me. But maybe you could help us out by throwing some suggestions of what the mystery game could be in the comments below.