Battle royale in the air!

Now that we’re overrun by standard battle royale shooters, it’s time to take things to another level with battles in the air with Dogfighter WW2.

Developed by Grumpy, I-BONG and IGGYMOB, Dogfighter WW2 is a PS4 exclusive high-flying aerial Battle Royale allowing players to the skies during World War 2 which is set to release this Fall.

All airplanes are authentic replicas of real WW2 warplanes (including US Mustang fighters, Messerschimit BF-109, Zero-sen, and Spitfires) and up to 40 players can go head-to-head in this new game for the battle royale genre. The developers also promises easy to grasp arcade like control. Like most of you know, airplanes are most of the times a pain in the ass to control in games.

The developers will be releasing two versions:

  • Dogfighter WW2 Battle Royale mode which will be F2P
  • Dogfighter WW2 with a DLC campaign titled Into The Fire which includes a story along with cinematic cutscenes.