Indie jungle, the mighty jungle.

Hello and welcome back to yet another of our Indie News Roundups! You’re in a rush and I can’t be arsed with the small talk, so let’s get to the indie news from this week.

Build your very own (virtual) PC on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

The idea of building a PC always seemed like a grand voyage to me. It’s something that – from the outside – takes so much skill and know-how that I’ve always been too cautious to just buy a load of mainframes, ethernet cables, and glue and just cracking on with it. Thankfully, there’s now a game that caters to cautious cats like myself, and now PC Building Simulator is available for everyone on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Bringing you all the colourful wires, a bunch of custom water colling options, and partnerships like Nvidia, AMD, and all the other ones, PC Building Simulator gives you everything to build that PC you’ve always wanted. Along with the building fun, there’s an entrepreneurial aspect to it as well. Similar to Car Mechanic Simulator – and most other sims – PC Building Simulator fills your time with repair jobs that will slowly let you expand your hobby into a for-realsies-business.

PC Building Simulator has been out for a while on Steam, but console players can now join in with the work – I mean, the fun.

Rogue Glitch promises a ‘formidable platforming experience’ as it jumps into Early Access

A while back we covered the news that videogame merch outfit Numskull was entering the publishing game with its new Numskull Games label. Now, a little while after that announcement, the publisher has announced that the first game its publishing is available in Steam’s Early Access.

Rogue Glitch, being developed by solo dev Lino Slahuschek, brings an up-to-four-player co-op platformer that’s colourful and cute. Of course, it also promises that it’s a bastard hard game that’ll make you hate all the vibrant colours and adorable characters.

Players will be able to create their own characters and slowly turn them into warriors that have an arsenal at their disposal. Rogue Glitch has three areas to shoot your way through, and each run earns you some precious experience that’ll help you build up your character.

You can pick up the game on Steam for £7/$10. There’s no word yet as to how long Rogue Glitch will be Early Access for, but players will get new difficulty modes, items, and characters during its development journey.

And finally… Genesis Noir is set during, before, and after the Big Bang

Time. New York. Jazz. I only like two of those three things yet the idea behind Genesis Noir is a romantic one nonetheless, and now PC and Xbox players can look forward to the game arriving in 2020.

It helps that Genesis Noir looks trippy as fuck, and has a pretty tantalising story attached to it. So, it seems likea handful of gods that exist before the universe does are having a tiff, a deity gets shot, which creates the universe, and now you’re off to explore the Big Bang, look for clues to find out who fired the space gun, and try to… stop the Big Bang?

It’s all very intriguing and even more confusing, so maybe just watch the trailer.

Genesis Noir doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but it’ll be arriving on PC and Xbox One in 2020.