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Hello and welcome back to another of our weekly Indie News Roundups. Each week we bring you a few tasty morsels of indie news that may have slipped past, leaving you up to date for another seven days. Right, enough chitter-chatter, let’s get to the news.

Night in the Woods co-creator shelves project following Alec Holowka sexual assault allegations

A smaller project for fans who backed the Night in the Woods Kickstarter has been shelved, the game’s co-creator, Scott Benson, told The Verge.

The decision comes following sexual assault allegations levied against Alec Holowka, the designer and composer of Night in the Woods. Not much is known about the side project, but Benson’s clarification that it has only been shelved suggests that it’s something that will eventually arrive for the Night in the Woods backers.

In a statement released on Twitter, Benson explained that the team “will not be working with Alec again.” Along with the project being shelved, Benson explained that physical editions of Night in the Woods will be postponed, though the iOS port of the game – which is being handled by a third-party – won’t be affected.

Fight Crab lets you tool up giant crabs and fight (for massive damage)

The final rule of Fight Crab is that if this is your first time at Fight Crab, you have to fight… crabs.

Yep, there’s a game where you can play as giant crabs who fight each other with weapons, and you can try it out right now on

In its current state, Fight Crab boasts 41 different weapons, including chains, swords, drills, and, erm, lightsabers. The game supports online multiplayer for two to four players, split-screen matches which supports up to four players in a PvP match, and has a co-op mode for two players in the game’s campaign.

You won’t be going out to kill each other in Fight Crabs though; instead, these colossal crustaceans win fights by knocking another crab on its back. I don’t it makes Fight Crab a non-violent game per se because you can use drills as weapons, but it’s surely the closest thing to a non-violent fighting game, right?

You can play Fight Crab’s in-development version now on

And finally… A No Man’s Sky player has built a museum of weird souvenirs

A No Man’s Sky player has lovingly crafted a museum packed with strange brick-a-brack collected on their travels (via Rock Paper Shotgun).

I love hunting for/collecting the souvenirs from the weirdo planets so I made a little museum to display them. I’m still missing a few. from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

Sitting in the middle of a vast desert, like some kind of House of Mysteries on an isolated American route, the minimalist construct plays home to all of the player’s trinkets that have been collected on various outings.

Footage of the museum was shared by cwigginsNYC on Reddit, where the player explained that “I love hunting for/collecting the souvenirs from the weirdo planets so I made a little museum to display them. I’m still missing a few.” It turns out it’s not the only museum housed in No Man’s Sky’s galactic playground though. Another Redditor, grimsikk, mentioned that they’ve also got a two-floor museum, one that overlooks a beach, so now I don’t know which one to visit.