Announced by Gearbox Software during PAX West 2019, Astroneer, the interplanetary survival sandbox played by more than 3 million space explorers to date, will be available, digitally and at retail, on November 15th for PS4.

The PS4 version will feature all content available for Xbox One and PC along with a new PS4 exclusive suit and visor. Players who pre-order Astroneer will receive a PS4 theme, complete with music from the soundtrack.

Astroneer gives solo players and friends alike a galaxy of planets to explore. Excavate and elevate the land using the game’s Terrain Tool to collect valuable resources for researching new technology. Craft vehicles, build and customize bases, overcome the challenges of diverse biomes, and uncover the secrets at the heart of the solar system.

Here’s what Joe Tirado, Communications Director, System Era Softworks had to say about the PS4 version:

“The curious minds exploring, terraforming, and unearthing every corner of the Astroneer galaxy make for a collective pioneering spirit echoing that of space travel itself. We are thrilled for PlayStation 4 pioneers to join this universe and share amazing stories from the stars.”

Astroneer arrives on PS4 on November 15 and the game can be pre-ordered on the PSN. The game, currently available for PC and Xbox One, will receive a new update on September 4th. The Explorer update, which introduces the long-awaited jetpack and jump-jet, will be available out the gate on PS4.