IGGYMOB released new details about one of Gungrave GORE’s protagonist: Beyond-The-Grave.

He is known as the “reaper” and everyone is afraid of him. He once was the best hitman of his organization from a long time ago.

He was killed due to the betrayal from his most trusted friend “Harry” but he came to life as a “reaper” by the necroraise skill.

Because of the necroraise, he had to pay a price, which he forgot all his emotions and memories. The only name he remembers is “Asagi Mika”.

Grave, who came to life, became a killing machine. Grave & Mika started taking down SEED distributing organizations one by one including Millenion(from Original Gungrave) and Garino(Gungrave O.D.).

However, peaceful days didn’t last as long as they wished.

Grave and Mika heard the news that mysterious islands appeared on the Southeast Asian Coast and people call it “Scumland”. According to their sources, “Scumland” is filled with SEED manufacturing factories. Sure enough, Grave and Mika started heading to Scumland to eradicate the SEED.

Grave with his double-barreled Cerberus and enormous coffin on his back started his journey to fight against his enemies and the SEED.

The story of GUNGRAVE G.O.R.E begins where Grave and Mika start heading towards Scumland to eradicate SEED & get rid of the criminal organization that is behind everything that happens in Scumland.