You might think it a safe Haven, but Agent 47 has different ideas.

For all assassins that own the expansion pass, the latest DLC update for Hitman 2 is available now. Set in the Maldives, agent 47 has to travel to Haven Island for his next target, so it’s time for some sun, sea, and silencers as you track down your next target.

Watch the new mission briefing video for Haven Island and find out who it is that you have to dispatch. Learn your cover story and the layout of Haven Island before undertaking your perilous mission to remove yet another barrier to the identity of the mysterious ‘Partners’.

One major thing that Hitman 2 gets right is the amazing work that goes into the Sandbox environments, and Haven Island is another fine example of great attention to detail. I mean, it looks so nice I’d like to go on holiday there – even with all the creepy criminals about.

Hitman 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Also, the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass is available now for £33.