Will you be the salvation that Earth needs?

Watch the race to the world first as the latest Destiny 2 raid launches. Landing tomorrow (October 5), the ‘Garden of Salvation’ raid will be available for Destiny 2 players that own the latest ‘Shadowkeep’ expansion.

With the recent relaunch as a free-to-play model and the introduction of new cross-platform saving tech and a new expansion, Destiny 2 is firing on all cylinders at the moment and really trying to pull in more players after its split with Activision.

The latest news is, of course, the new raid which launches tomorrow, and you can check out the teaser trailer for it below. If you don’t have a raid team to have a crack at the Garden of Salvation yourself you may want to have a look at what’s happening inside the raid, or you just might be interested in watching some of Destiny 2’s keenest of players attempt the world-first completion of the raid.

If you want to watch the world-first attempts then head on over to Destiny 2’s Gaming Twitch channels to keep an eye on all the competitors. Here’s a handy link for you. Destiny 2 Streamers.