Big Way Games has released a new twin stick shooter, Big Drunk Satanic Massacre, BDSM for short, for Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4.

BDSM is a satirical action RPG where as Lou, Satan’s son, players battle a horrific human invasion of Hell. While saving Hell, why not rescue demons from nasty people and mega-corporations?

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre features an awesome arsenal of weapons, crazy creatures, and insane bosses. Players will need to act fast and shoot faster so they don’t get overwhelmed by the onslaught of humans.

Here’s what Big Way CEO, Konstantin Semenov, had to say:

BDSM is all about being fun and funny. Not only do you get to take back hell from greedy human corporations, but you get to hear Lou take down some of those sacred cows of old school shooters.