Koei Tecmo Europe has announced the release game for Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV. The highly-anticipated strategy game will be available on February 28th 2020 for PC, via Steam, and PS4.

Claiming land is vital to overthrowing enemy forces and uniting The Three Kingdoms as the entire map of China becomes a grand battlefield with no boundaries to where fights can take place.

Battles includes everything from siege, such as battering rams and catapults, to battles on water with a variety of different assault boats.

Players will even find famous landmarks from the period of The Three Kingdoms, including the Yangtze River and Yellow River, with the chance to claim them as part of their domain.

Some domains which contains Cities and Gates which are extremely important locations on the map. Cities are bases for armies, and as conditions are met can grow in scale and raise their durability. This growth brings increased gold and supplies, as well as unique tactics to defend these locations from enemy units.

Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV is available for pre-order now and those whose purchase any version of the game within the first 2 weeks of launch will be able to download the additional scenario ‘Battle of Yiling’ for free.