Night Stalkers beware as the outlaws come a hunting!

The spooky-time is upon us and the online Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is no exception. To celebrate the Halloween season RDR2 online is hosting the “Fear of the Dark” celebration to honour the ghouls and ghosties.

Fear of the Dark is a limited-time mode to Red Dead Online Showdown, which pits supernaturally fast, tough and strong Night Stalkers against mere mortal Hunter counterparts. The Night Stalkers’ powers, however, are tied to the skull masks strewn about their stomping grounds. The more masks the Hunters get their hands on, the weaker the Night Stalkers become, while the Hunters’ own weapons grow stronger.

Hunters can only succeed in this new mode by collecting all of the masks and killing all remaining Night Stalkers. Night Stalkers can win by either wiping out the Hunters or surviving until the time limit expires. Play Fear of the Dark now through to November 12, and help stop the spoopy invasion.