Come Dino with me.

Yes, we all know that Jurassic World Evolution came out mid-2018, but have you tried it, or sat on the fence thinking about giving it a go? Well here’s a new trailer trying to tempt you into giving this dino park simulator a turn.

With Black-Friday kinda here already, and sales coming out the wazoo, it might be a great time to see if you can pick up Jurassic World Evolution on the cheap too. So come Christmas time when you’re tucking into a Turkey leg, old T-Rex can nom on a goat.

Featuring some of the commonly known dinosaurs, this Jurassic World video shows off some of the park inhabitants, from Tyrannosaurus Rex to the sharp taloned Velociraptor – Clever Girl!

Jurassic World Evolution is already available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.