CFK has decided to release their upcoming action game, Sacred Stones, on Nintendo Switch in time for Christmas as the game will be available on the eShop on December 23rd for $14,99 with a 10% pre-sale discount starting December 5th.

Sacred Stones was developed by one South Korean developer and was awarded the first indie-star award in 2015. The game released on PC last year.

The game revolves around sacred stones, which hold up the sky together, that have been scattered and it’s up to players to find the stones and return them.

On their hunt for the stones, players will encounter various showdowns against a bevvy of enemies such as giant animals and grotesque creatures across diverse areas such as jungle, desert, north pole and sea. The game also features retro-style graphics.

Much like classic games from the NES and Super NES era, Sacred Stones’ bosses have unique patterns that players will need to memorize in order to survive the encounter.