Try out the Gothic Rebooted playable prototype for free on Steam now.

You may or may not be old enough to remember the original Gothic from almost 20 years ago, but it’s a classic that gave rise to a plethora of fantasy RPG’s including the likes of Risen and Elex.

Well, like many a Hollywood sequel these days – it’s time for a reboot; time to bring Gothic up-to-date with the help of Unreal Engine 4 and some other modern tech. Check out the following trailer for a little glimpse at what we’re talking about.

THQ Nordic and it’s new Spanish development team, THQ Nordic Barcelona, will start an experiment today by dropping a free playable prototype of Gothic on Steam/PC and let you experience their vision of what a new Gothic could look and feel like.

What’s really interesting is that THQ Nordic is eager to learn from the players through a survey following the completion of the prototype, whether and how it should proceed with the production of a full Gothic Remake, or leave the heritage and the great memories associated with it untouched. So the future of this game is in your hands potentially.