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Gamers tend to evaluate various factors when rating a game, be it the graphics, sound effects, gameplay or anything else along those lines. So many of today’s modern offerings usually nail all of these aspects and then some. 

Effects, in particular, can help make or break a game though – just like in the movies. If, as a viewer, you simply aren’t buying into the effects and anything else on display, then the game is, essentially, a non-starter. It’s fighting a losing battle. 

When it comes to water effects – probably one of the hardest for game developers to get right – we’ve certainly had a mixed bag, be it on old consoles or more modern pieces of technology. 

With all of this in mind, below is a selection of games from over the years with some rather impressive water effects. 

Sea of Thieves 

Most gamers like a bit of Sea of Thieves, right? The water in the sea of this game is meticulously crafted and exceptionally well detailed, as the waves roll against the ships in port as they mission towards their violent battles. Water actually plays a part in everything, from diving to navigating to action, and it is perfectly illustrated, which is exceptional. Say what you like about Sea of Thieves, but it nails the “sea” aspect beautifully.

Grand Theft Auto V

An oldie but most certainly a goodie, GTA V nailed its water aspect perfectly. Despite being available on older consoles – Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, to be precise – the graphics were highly impressive, especially the water effects as they ebbed and flowed in the background of what usually tends to be destruction. This is a Grand Theft Auto game, after all. The much-anticipated GTA V casino update, which allows you select and play popular casino games, also has some cool water effects. In true GTA style, it most often comes in the form of scantily clad women lounging in jacuzzies and pools. But Rockstar gets the effects spot on. 

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Usually, a bit hit and miss when it comes to creating games with strong aesthetics and visuals, Ubisoft smashed the water in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag rather masterfully. Whether you’re peering out from a crow’s nest or deep-sea diving for treasure, Black Flag’s water effects feel tailor-made for every occasion and really deliver this time. 

Batman: Arkham Knight 

The water in Batman: Arkham Knight isn’t really accessible in any way throughout the game, but damn does it look good. Water is prominent throughout, whether it’s the endless rain, the greenish hue that reflects a metropolitan harbour or the waves crashing in the background, Arkham Knight wasn’t just a hit in other areas too, but also for its water effects. Expertly done. 

Dishonored 2 

A gamers life in Dishonored 2 can be fairly bleak, but not when assessing the water and the developers’ delivery of it. Not only does it look beautiful on the surface but the underwater effects are stunning too, where you can see oxygen bubbles in front of the character’s face, objects look wavy and blurry in the distance and, such is the detail, it even takes a second or two for your character’s perspective to adjust back to normal after being out of the water and re-entering dry land. Overall, despite being forgotten by some, perhaps, Dishonored 2 has excellent water effects.