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With Red Dead Redemption 2 being the most graphically appealing game in 2018, it has inspired the creation of interesting poker games, while giving the player great entertainment to date. RDR2 is also hailed as one of the best action games in this generation, making its debut on PC a year after being unveiled on Xbox and PS4. It suffered numerous technical issues during its launch, but it now runs as intended.

Here’s a quick review of what new players can expect with this must-own PC and console title.

The Missions

While following a story on the death of the old west, you undertake several main story missions that take over 60 hours to complete. The epilogue further extends the narrative with 10-15 hours of unlimited fun. In the missions, you can do a whole lot of stuff, including soothing a horse, robing a moving train, getting drunk with friends and engaging in an intense gunfight.

The map is full of side quests that offer the same engagement and entertainment as the main missions, with some appearing in fixed locations and other happening randomly. The random quests are as interesting as the main missions, with tasks such as helping a snake-bitten man or stopping kidnappers. Even better, there’s a variety of extracurricular activities for you to enjoy. As such, you have all sorts of fun, including playing poker, fishing, going hunting, drinking, and more.

These activities are great for getting augment Arthur’s natural traits and cash, which is especially important for buying medicine and a healthy armory. Whether mundane or exciting, all activities and missions pull you deep in the game’s detailed view of the Old West.

Enjoying the Wild West on PC

Besides offering you incredible graphics, the biggest perk of playing on a desktop is its availability from the jump. The story features a widow who’s on a quest to avenge her husband’s death, and she breaks your player-created avatar from jail to help her. This story comes as the game’s intro, though player’s who’ve gone through the single-player campaign will no issue getting started.

The games feature various models created for competitive players and there are cooperative missions for four players on each team. Even better, you’re free to roam and do lots of fun stuff like robbing banks, drinking at the bar and gathering rare herbs.

PC Specs and More

While Red Dead Redemption 2 is graphically pleasing on gaming consoles, the PC edition is just as impressive. However, your system needs to have the right specs. Your gaming desktop/ laptop must have at least an Intel Core i5-2500K processor or an AMD FX-6300 CPU. You’ll also need to have Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 GPU, 150GB storage, 8GB Ram and a Windows 7 OS that supports Service Pack 1.

After it first premiered on PC, people had issues playing it at maximum settings, and not even those who could afford the $1000+Nvidia GeForce graphics card could make the most from the game. However, Rockstar has worked hard to solve most of those issues.