Rusty Rat!

Facepunch Studios is celebrating the Lunar New Year in Rust at the moment with some Rat-themed content updates. Going live later this evening (7 PM GMT) the update will let you get your hands on an assortment of items to help celebrate the occasion.

Some of the new items include fireworks, firecrackers, a brand-new new instrument, cosmetics, and some returning items that will be available on the marketplace.  Check out the released list of available items:

  • Rat Mask: Embody the year of the Rat with the brand-new Rat Mask, now available in the market
  • Fireworks: Give the gift of joy, bright lights and loud noises as fireworks are now available for crafting, including roman candles, volcanos and boomers. Grab your friends and celebrate the Lunar New Year in style by lighting up the skies with the electric igniter! Firecrackers can also be found for those who are vertically-challenged. 
  • Deployable Gong: Speaking of loud noises, a Deployable Gong has also been added, complementing the recent instrument DLC. Shoot or hit it!
  • Returning items: returning to the market is the Dragon Door Knocker and Dragon Mask. Add some seasonal flair to your bases, or look like a badass dragon, the choice is yours

So log-on later if you want to join in the celebrations, maybe chuck a rat or two on the BBQ. Happy Rusting!