Who’s on VR? Who is, that’s who.

Launching today for Oculus Quest is Dr Who: The Edge of Time, from developers Maze Theory and published by PlayStack in conjunction with BBC studios.

With Doctor Who being one of the longest-running Sci-Fi television series in the world, spanning 55 years, it’s almost impossible not to have heard of the show. Apart from going to an official Dr Who exhibition, you will never get the chance to stand inside of a TARDIS or to wear the exo-skeleton of a Dalek. But thanks to VR – you can now!

Dr Who: The Edge of Time features the Doctor’s current incarnation, played by Jodie Whittaker, and in addition to untethered VR support, letting fans explore the Doctor Who universe at will, is a number of improvements upon the original release, including options for rapid-turning and faster movement.

Also available today for PC VR platforms is the ‘Quick Play’ feature; letting players jump straight into the action by stepping inside the Tardis, arming themselves within a Dalek’s shell, or even coming face-to-face with the fear-inducing Weeping Angels!

So if your an owner of an Oculus Quest, and a Whovian then you know what you must do.