There’s a rat in my kitchen what am I gonna do?

Spring-rolls are in the air, or maybe just Spring, but in Overcooked! 2 right now it’s Spring Festival time – celebrating the year of the rat. Kevin and the Onion King are back with two new chefs and five new culinary levels.

Team17 and Ghost Town Games are helping to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a free update for Overcooked! 2, that is out now on PC and console. The two new playable chefs added to the roster are a turtle and a rat character, with five new themed levels that allow players to cook dim sum, hot pot and fruit platters – making for a festive menu.

Like the song by UB-40 and the animated movie Ratatouille, there is now a rat in the kitchen! What are we gonna do? Well, basic hygiene ratings aside we’re gonna let that rat chef cook its way to glory – all the while avoiding a rampaging Chinese dragon that is trying to interrupt Chef Rat Ramsey from doing his job.

Also, for those who want more Overcooked! 2 action you can pick up the season pass that features ‘Carnival of Chaos’, ‘Campfire Cook-Off’, and ‘Night of the Hangry Horde’, each serving up new themed meals, mechanics and kitchen shenanigans.

The Overcooked! 2 season pass is now available digitally on all consoles priced at £14.99/€18.99/$18.99, and on PC in the Steam Lunar New Year sale for £11.24/€14.24/$14.24.