‘Never look a gift tank in the mouth’, that’s what they say at Wargaming HQ. For anyone unfamiliar with the award winning developer/publisher’s War of Tanks, this twist on a famous old proverb might seem a little odd, but for the 20 million players battling it out regularly on the hugely popular MMO it will soon become more than just a clever witticism, as Wargaming plans on celebrating 6 successful years of War of Tanks: Mercenaries with a bombardment of specials, updates, discounts and – yes, you guessed it – an exclusive tank!

Named the Ironclad-T29, this brand new event only tank is a Tier 3 Medium and unlockable after only one game! Boasting great ramming potential based on good mobility and weight stats, its destructive high damage gun is perfectly primed to blow any and all competition away. In fact, here’s a shot of it looking exceedingly menacing:

And the love doesn’t stop there! This Valentines Day, Wargaming are showing their affection for all things tanker with a special gift for all commanders and crew, plus new edition warchests that come with a 6% anniversary bonus. And lest we forget that Clan Wars is also back, pitting the strongest, meanest Mercenaries Clans against one another for a chance of winning some sweet, sweet war treasure: earned gold and higher rankings. PLUS! From February 12th-21st, keep one eye on the horizon social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, VK) as players will have the chance to claim a *free* Xbox ONE X lovingly customised by the development team in Chicago.

BUT WAIT! Before y’all jump in yer tanks and go hurtlin’ off, why not check out the below video featuring Wargaming’s CEO Victor Kislyi with a special commemoration message for all the tankers out there: