Tired of tossing frag grenades as light as a feather? Molotovs that just don’t seem to cover enough things in fire? 

Well my frag-loving PUBG pyromaniacs, worry no more! In a recent announcement from PUBG Corporation the latest update is set to address these issues and more, as well as provide new ways with which to compete with the addition of a new Arcade Mode.

Dropping February 19, Update 6.2 will address the much requested rebalancing of throwables, meaning frag grenades, Molotovs, smoke grenades, and stun grenades will now weigh more than before. Players will have to adjust to the new weight accordingly as heavier items mean you’ll be able to carry less of them in your inventory. Eek. And for all you flame-lovers out there, Molotovs have also tweaked to allow the fire from them to spread considerably faster than before, while vests will now mitigate frag damage. Make sure to check out the patch notes for more details!

In Arcade Mode, gamers wanting to try something a little different will now be able to select Team Deathmatch mode, which will be available for a limited time only and feature some of PUBG’s iconic maps made smaller to up the madness levels. This mode will pit 2 teams of 8 against one another in a winner takes all competition where saying hello means a frag to the face; 50 kills – or whomever has the highest amount of kills after 10 minutes – will secure victory for your team, and the first to win 2 rounds will be able to pump their fists in the air gleefully as they will be crowned the overall victor. Have a look at the video below to get that saliva flowing:

Update 6.2 lands on PC live servers on Feb. 19 and console live servers shortly after. For those that want to drop into the action right away, the PC Test Server is open today!