The kind folk at Amplitude have given us a glimpse of what we can expect with regard to landscape in their upcoming strategy game Humankind, and let me tell you it looks pretty lush.

Slated for release sometime this year, Humankind sees players attempt to rewrite the entire narrative of – yep, you guessed it – humankind. If creating a brand new civilization centred around culture, history, and values sounds like an immense task to you, how about creating the various terrain to go along with it?

Yes, in their latest video aspiring civilization builders can get a sneak peek behind the scenes at the landscapes that will be on offer and the impact such terrain will have on playing the game. For example, moving through a valley will block your line of sight, attacking from higher ground will lend advantage, and settling in different biomes will give access to different strategic and luxury resources. To see just how impressive the topography is looking, feast your eyes on Episode 2 – “Reimagining Terrain” below.

And for those who missed Amplitude’s earlier video in the series, Episode 1 – “Origins”, we’ve kindly included that too. Enjoy!