Milestone and Dorna have announced the release date for the newest entry in the MotoGP series. MotoGP 20 will release on April 23 for Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PC (via Steam), PS4 and Xbox One.

For the first time in its history, the game will be released a few weeks after the official MotoGP Championship kick off so players can fully enjoy the current season racing together with their legends.

As with any new entry in long-running franchises, expect MotoGP 20 to include a bevy of new features that will enhance the gaming experience.

Players will be able to improve the performance of different bike parts, by earning and spending development points and allocating their R&D staff; Aerodynamic, electronic, engine power, fuel consumption, are just an example of the many technical parts that players can now manage to improve their bikes.

The developers also brought back the Managerial Career where players can join an official 2020 team or a new team sponsored by real brands of the MotoGP world.

The development team also worked really hard to make the gameplay much more strategic and realistic, by adding new features boosting realism such as fuel management, asymmetrical tires’ consumption and aerodynamic damages that will impact bike’s aesthetics and performances.

Players can also expect a new renowned historical mode featuring full races randomly generated that players need to win to unlock and collect the most iconic riders and bikes.

A tweaked A.I., dedicated servers for online, new editors; MotoGP fans are sure to get the best motorcycle sim yet.