Dreams used to be something that were unique to the individual dreaming them, with friends, family, partners, and colleagues often left flabbergasted (yes, I used that word) by the wild descriptions and crazy arm-flailing from the dreamer re-telling them their dream afterwards. 

Anyhow, someone at Media Molecule must have lived through an experience like this and thought there must be an easier way because their latest release, Dreams, tackles this ‘problem’ head-on: it allows players to bring their dreams to life and to actually show others rather than gesticulate wildly by the water cooler in the staff room.

Yes, the creators of LittleBigPlanet have given gamers the gift of creation! Games, music, paintings, animation, sculpture, movies, anything can be created and shared with others, and to celebrate its PS4 exclusive launch PlayStation UK have slapped some of the best community creations up on billboards around the UK! Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Edinburgh billboards will be featuring creations from Dreams community members, including Peter Dewhirst who created The Starbrushed Peak in Dreams, saying of his new-found fame:

“Seeing The Starbrushed Peak on a massive billboard in central London is totally surreal! I feel so privileged that my creation gets to help promote the game that affected my life so profoundly over the past year. I’m proud that my work seems to have resonated so strongly with so many people, and I feel as though I’m part of something truly special, with a genuinely wonderful community alongside me. I can’t wait to see where Dreams – and the community – goes next!”

Here’s one we managed to find – have you found any yet?