I think everyone at some point in time has wondered what it’s like to be a truck driver, haven’t they? This must be just one of the many reasons why Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive’s previous hit, MudRunner, garnered so much attention and accumulated more that 2 million players.

With its stunning visuals, gripping gameplay, and exciting challenges, the game was an engine-revving success and its follow-up, SnowRunner, looks to further capitalise on peoples desire to bomb-it-round-beautiful-but-deadly-wilderness-in-giant-steel-behemoth-laughing-in-the-face-of-Mother-Nature-and-her-dangerous-terrain-all-the-while-trying-to-complete-contracts-for-sweet-sweet-gasoline-money with a more expansive, refined game launching April 28 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

This time North America and Russia are the destinations with the promise of more challenging experiences to take place in Alaska, Michigan, and Taymyr. Against torrential waters, treacherous mud, snowbanks, and frozen lakes, players/drivers will test their skills to the max in a plethora of customizable and upgradeable trucks. But don’t worry, you won’t have to tackle the tundra alone, as players can invite up to 3 friends to tag along and help you navigate the precarious precipices in an attempt to rebuild infrastructure, rescue vehicles, clear pathways, or deliver supplies.

So top up on diesel and check out the new Conquer The Wilderness trailer below, then pull on those long johns and get ready for one hell of a ride April 28!