I remember the first time that I saw a monster truck: it was big (obviously), blue, and it was called Big Foot, a name that at the ripe old age of 7 caused me to wonder just where these supposed ‘big feet’ were exactly – all I could see were 4 gigantic tires. Cue lots of noise, mud, jumps, car carnage, and general monster trucking good times, and just over an hour later I was leaving the arena in a swampy part of Florida feeling pretty damn thrilled to the bone. 

So, with the news that Monster Truck Championship is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in Fall 2020, I’m hoping to rekindle that excitement I felt X years ago, only without having to fly all the way to America for it (because, you know…money).

We have NACON and developer TEYON to thank for what’s being billed as ‘the first monster truck simulation’, and boy, it’s setting up to be a doozy. Players will be able to race on 25 circuits in different cities across the USA in a number of game modes: freestyle, race, destruction, time attack, and an online mode where up to 8 players can compete against one another for monster truck domination. Career mode will have players compete in a variety of tournaments, upgrade and master their trucks, and manage team finances (gulp), all in the hope of being crowned the Professional League Champion.

There’ll be 18 vehicles, all fully customizable, for players to choose from, each with the ability to improve various aspects of their performance and style through tinkering with the engine, suspension, tyres, and more. There’ll also be multiple features to increase immersion, so crowd cheering, engine growling, and crunching collisions will have you feeling as though you’re really  strapped in to the drivers seat – not just at home on the couch. Plus, to make the driving experience as realistic as possible, the game will faithfully reproduce front-rear wheel handling, mass transfer anticipation in bends, and the mad bouncing you’ll have to predict after jumping a car (or 10).

I’m still a bit confused about those ‘big feet’, but at least I can now live out my dreams of driving Big Foot come Fall 2020 – check out the announcement trailer below for a ‘wheel’ good time!