‘Guild Wars is 15 already?! What?! When?!’ I hear you cry! Rest assured, fellow gamers, that I was just as taken aback as you when this news was whispered in my ear earlier today. But have no fear, people! For instead lavish in AreaNet’s new type of Living World experience, Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire, releasing March 17 in celebration of such a momentous occasion.

This new release will see players get up close and personal with the charr, enlisting in Ryland Steelcatcher’s Steel Warband, and uncovering new mysteries in the Shiverpeaks, adding more to The Icebrood Saga events that have already happened; for example, a new 10-player instance will have squads escorting a charr Devastator tank to the top of the mountains before joining a new story mission that provides more details about the charr’s efforts to awaken the Elder Dragon Jormag.

Players will also be able to peer into the scrying pool in the Eye of the North, allowing them to look into the past and play select missions from Living World Season One. This hasn’t been possible since 2013 so make the most of it, and while you’re there why not check out the new rewards that’ll be on offer, including an Advanced Norn Armor set and cape (a cape!), and unique new weapon skins that belong to the always buffed Steel Warband. 

Did we mention that Visions of the Past will be FREE for all current owners of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire? Well, it will be. And The Eye of the North hub will be available additionally to all Guild Wars 2 players and serve as a base for The Icebrood Saga’s Strike Missions, which will now include a rotating daily Strike giving players a way to earn even more rewards.

Not a bad birthday, eh?