These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.

At least, that’s what the people at Team17 and Bad Yolk Games have announced. Apparently their robo-designs just aren’t cutting it so they’re looking to you, dear gamer, to take up the mantle, throw caution to the wind, and create some robo-madness all in the name of community competition!

Launched yesterday and running through March 16, followers of the upcoming free-form robot building title, Main Assembly, will be able to design their own creative cosmetic for a droid and submit their entry for the community competition via Instagram or Twitter (@BadYolkGames, make sure to add #MACommunityCreationCompetition to the post), or upload their artwork in the competition channel on the Main Assembly Discord. For inspiration and to see what to expect from the upcoming title, check the vid below!

Remember, all entries must be received before 11am on March 16, after which the 10 shortlisted designs will go out on Discord and be put to the sword – by which I mean a player vote. However, whatever the result, those good folks at Team17 and Bad Yolk have offered up some goodies for all finalists.

Best of luck to all you robo-enthusiasts out there!