Hospitals are white, 

The environment is green, 

Combine both together, 

to combat the flu.

Ok, so a poet I am not, but no matter, because what I’m really here to do is to tell you all about the latest expansion to Two Point Studios and Sega Europe’s hospital management game Two Point Hospital, Off the Grid.

Set for release in just a couple of days time, March 18, Off the Grid will see players explore 3 new regions in the quest to help make Two Point County a beautiful and sustainable place to live. Gamers/Doctors will be able to research 35 brand spanking new and unusual illnesses, like Green Fingers and Root Snoot, as well as experience some exciting treatment rooms (never thought those words would be seen together!) all on the quest to make their hospital more eco-friendly. 

Building green energy machines to generate power and, yes, even gardening, will go a long way to helping making your hospital self-sufficient and the envy of surrounding regions, with the generated power allowing you to open hospital rooms or, if you’re a system-loving kinda person, to reroute it to the Patient Flow and Staff Applicants system, influencing transport in and out of the city.

Off the Grid will be priced at £6.99 on Steam – and only Steam, console players! – and is available for pre-purchase now, with an early adopter discount of 10% until March 25. New players can also pick up the Complete Your Set bundle, which contains the base game plus all previous DLC (Bigfoot, Pebberley Island, and Close Encounters), for 10% discount between March 11 – 31, or the Exhibition Items Pack, which includes 30 new in-game items, for £2.99 from March 18.

Whichever pack you choose to pick up, please remember to wash your hands!