SEGA has released a new trailer which details the game’s LIPS system which will help players build romance and friendships with the colorful cast of characters in Sakura Wars; which is set to release on PS4 on April 28th.

The Relationship trailer, seen below, highlights the various characters and ways to interact with them in order to conquer their hearts. The LIPS system works in four ways:

  • Standard LIPS: The most common one, you are presented with a series of dialog options to choose from or not.
  • Click LIPS: These are typically seen during special events involving face-to-face conversations with context sensitive actions.
  • Analog LIPS: Encountered in moments where you’re asked to provide a response, and it’s up to you to decide how much emotion you’ll put into that response based on how much you fill up a gauge on screen.
  • Environment LIPS: Similar to classic point-and-click adventure games, you are presented with a puzzle that you must solve by searching your surroundings for clues.