Pop on down to Build-a-bot and don’t forget to bring your own stuffing circuitry.

Team17 and Bad Yolk Games has released their robo-crafting sandbox game Main Assembly into an open beta today, which will run until Monday, April 6. If you are stuck at home and bored perhaps you would like to put your creativity to the test and construct and program some machines to do your menial tasks.

You play as a drone with the ability to design any robot or contraption you can think of. All you need is the ability to think up some weird and wonderful creations. People have already made cars, bikes, and various other vehicles – but what about some kind of Dinobot? Main Assembly has a single-player mode with some set challenges and the ability to go online and collaborate with other inventors to create something truly spectacular.

To give you an idea of what the game is about and also give some help and advice, the peeps at Team 17 have uploaded a handy tutorial video to get you going.

Main Assembly’s open beta is available to download now for PC via Steam.