Everyone loves power. History is plagued by individuals who gave into the thirst and hastened their demise in their quest for it. But you don’t have to make the same mistakes, not if you make the right decisions where they made the wrong. Though if you already have a taste for it, it may only be a matter of time…

Enter the aptly named Taste of Power, an RTS that challenges players to prove themselves against an unforgiving AI in the quest for sweet, sweet power. Europe, China, and the Middle East are the medieval playgrounds at hand, the likes of which you’ll attempt to conquer with a variety of specialised troops and in-game events. Of course, the usual infantry, arrows, cavalry, and artillery are knocking about, but there are also engineers, spies, underground tunnels, incendiary oils, poisonous mixtures, and mines to compete with, and that’s just for starters – each and every one of these units opens itself up to more tactical opportunities.

OneOcean LLC has also realised the importance of economic development. Constructing new cities will help advance the growth of your army as more resources are obtained for your war machine, however, as others have the same idea players are effectively in a race against time against one another to attain the biggest army and, therefore, conquer the various parts of the map.

A couple of days ago new updates were also announced for the popular title, including:

   – Characteristics of some troops have been changed, slightly weakening the characteristics of artillery and shooters

   – A bug that allowed the user to switch between missions without completing has been eliminated

   – And AI improvement in the logic of the search for opponents

It seems there’s never been a better time to wage war. Go grab a sword!