I’ll be honest and say that, upon reading the press release we were sent for Cookie Route, the new game from Japan’s digitagames, I was sold very early on:

“…[digitagames] …haven’t seen any game built on this unique concept where falling down cookies connect the route pushing through exhilarating stages and letting players bake multifarious cookies”.

Puzzles, exhilarating stages, and multifarious cookies?! I needn’t have bothered reading the rest (I did though because, you know, that’s my job). I think this is exactly what I need in my life right now.

Cookie Route has players scrambling for falling cookies from the get-go, the game challenging players to find the right positioning by rotating the cookies and swiping them into the perfect spot. This all sounds a bit like Tetris, only with cookies. Which is great. Aside from the cookies, however, one of the differences comes in the form of your surroundings, where obstacles can block your progress and destroy those cookie routes you’re so desperately trying to build. Ultimately, the longer the routes the more points you’ll earn, with the goal of creating a chain that will help you clear the stage.

As the difficulty increases the speed increases, and there are limited moves in place for certain stages meaning you’ll really have to put your strategic hat on in order to progress. Managing to do so, however, will award you with ingredients to – yup, you guessed it – bake cookies. Collecting a ton will help you bake even more cookies, those of which you can actually sell for coins that enable you to ‘keep up with the game’ as well as show up on the in-game Sales Ranking.

Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play, you don’t need granny any more to bake a whole bunch of cookies*, you just need Cookie Route!

*Note that you cannot actually eat the cookies.