Picture in your house a cat and a mouse. As the cat naps, the mouse scurries past. The cat awakes and a chase takes place. The cat jumps, with dinner in sight. Around the chair, not once but twice. As the mouse hides, the cat looks inside. Wiggle as it might, the poor cat is stuck tight.

And THAT’S how you tie a tie, ladies and gentlemen. Just make sure it’s a dodgy one, yeah?

Welcome Car Trader Simulator, everybody! Yes, you read that right – Car Trader Simulator. Set to be the game you never knew you needed, dust off that cheap suit, plaster a big goofy smile on your face, and get ready to trade some cars!

While we’ve not been given an exact release date, only ‘soon’, Car Trader Simulator will see players create a business in the home of seeing it prosper through employing specialists, focusing on providing an unmatched level of service, and winning auctions against competitors. And that’s the ‘straight and narrow’ approach.

Not one for honesty? How about prioritizing profit, seeking out ‘alternative’ means of acquiring cars, and swindling those clients of yours? Well, you can do that too! Main features include:

– Choose your own way to run a business. Be an honest or shady salesman.

– Multiple difficulty settings. From relaxing easy to hard modes.

– Operate your business on multiple levels. From sales to employing and equipping your workers.

– Dominate your local area. Use the city map to decide where to send your employees.

– Dynamic events. React to unexpected happenings and steer your company through some tough decisions.

– Gigantic library of real cars.

– Get your cars through auctions. Outbid your rivals.

– Keep your clients happy. Direct contact is the best way to make sure your business renown is growing!

Now get out on that lot and sell some cars!