Man O Man, staying in shape while in isolation is H-A-R-D! Yesterday I did like 10 sit-ups and now I can’t move. But hey, it needn’t be like this, as Odders Lab is trying to teach us in their new VR rhythm game, OhShape.

In fact, all you need to to get that heart rate up is to move your body to go through shapes and walls, VR style, and the games latest #StayHome update adds new content and a fitness workout to get your blood pumping and your body sweating. Focusing on community feedback, #StayHome includes a fitness map that will have players toning their whole body, not just crippling their abs (no names…), as well as 3 new songs for the Extras album, YUR integration, Manual calibration, and a new Beginner mode.

It’s great to see developers who care and Odders Lab is no exception; their hope is that by adding more tools to workout at home, gamers will be able to cope that little bit better with social isolation. Plus, the dev team also wants to help the most disadvantaged and so, for each player that finishes the fitness map #StayHome, Odders Lab will donate $1 to UNICEF to help slow the spread of COVID-19!

Wonderful stuff!