Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Bithell Games will be bringing their action packed John Wick game to PS4 next month. John Wick Hex is currently set to release on May 5th for £15.99.

Building on their work from the original PC title, Bithell Games has collaborated with Ant Workshop to reimagine John Wick Hex for PS4 and its DualShock 4 controller. Wick’s every move and skills will be available at your thumb tips.

John Wick Hex expands on the protagonist’s universe with a new storyline, unique graphic noir art design, and an original score by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory (Journey, Flow, the Banner Saga series).

The game also mimics the movies’ unique tactical combat and mixes strategy and action video game genres; each actions as their consequences and seeing ammo is limited, every reload is critical.