Montreal based independent developer Triple Scale Games has announced a new 8-player multiplayer couch game, Save your Nuts, which will release on April 16th for Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. The game will be $14.99 USD/£11.99 GBP. Additionally, there’s a demo available right now.

The demo features a tutorial teaching newcomers how to play solo with bots or with a group of up to eight local players. The demo features two of the game’s arenas, the park and the garden along with the title’s Capture the Nuts mode, where an acorn is dropped and critters fight to nipple on it.

Good news for solo players as the game will include three unique single player replayable modes. You’ll also be able to custom your animal’s look.

Save Your Nuts will see up to eight players compete locally, online or against challenging AI opponents across three modes and 10 different arenas ranging from soccer fields, basketball courts, waterfalls and ice lakes to castles, train stations, ships and outer space.

Along with Capture the Nuts, the game will include Thieves, a war to steal multiple enemy’s nuts while protecting your own team’s, and Battle, a fight to determine who will be the last animal to keep their nuts intact.

Maps will be filled with hazards and power-ups that can change the tide of battle faster than fans can crack open a nut.