Tanks! Tanks! Tanks? Tanks!

That’s right, those big green metal machines will finally be blasting their way onto Steam come Wednesday, May 20, thanks to 505Games, Polish developer Noobz, and every member of the Total Tank Simulator community who provided feedback during the project’s 4 years development cycle.

Described as a ‘passion project brought to life’ by its creators, Total Tank Simulator allows players to experience a number of pivotal moments in world history – from the turret of a tank! Part battle sim, part history lesson(ish), the game has won plaudits around the world for its mix of clever humour and casual gameplay, and when finally released will feature 3 game modes and dozens of fully destructible maps.

If commanding’s your game, commander will be your name, as Total Tank Simulator gives players the chance to take on the role of a Commander of one of six available nations in each campaign. Players will get the chance to strategize before deploying the huge armies at their disposal, then sit back and relax scream at the screen, for better or worse, as the battle plays out in the physics-based engine with real-world accuracy. If something’s gone awry, players will be able to jump in and take direct control of individual units that include tanks (of course), planes, snipers, soldiers, and more.

With 50 maps to choose from, 6 nations to play as, hundreds of historical and classified units and weapons, detailed and entirely blastable environments, and 3 distinct gameplay modes, including Sandbox Mode, Shadow Mode, and Campaign Mode, there’s never been a better time to get into tanks!

Total Tank Simulator will be available on Steam for PC and Mac from Wednesday May 20, priced at £16.49, though players can save 10% by purchasing the game during its launch week. This is a direct result of 505Games wish list campaign, which still has just under a month to go – if enough players sign up before its release 25% could be knocked off the launch week price! If you’re yet to sign up head over to Total Tank Simulator on Steam and wishlist it today.

Then grab your helmet and get ready for battle!